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Rose St
Thurso, KW14 7HN
United Kingdom

Keith Coghill hand crafted furniture



Keith Coghill was born and has lived much of his life in the remote north of Scotland. Upon leaving High School, he continued in the footsteps of a long line of craftsmen by embarking on a four year apprenticeship in carpentry.

Completing his apprenticeship, Keith ventured off into the world to continue his life and work experience in the construction industry around the UK and further abroad. After many laborious years he came back to the Highlands to design and construct his own properties. Working almost entirely by himself, he constructed a string of lovingly crafted houses throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

In 2014 Keith decided to return to the one aspect of carpentry that most suited his creative nature, and with the support of his wife, and ejecting her car from its garage, he set up his workshop and set about crafting his first collection of luxury furniture that you will see in this collection.

Beautifully hand crafted, bespoke furniture, designed with love and attention to detail.